49th Ward Green Corps

Do you know what kind of green initiatives are going on in your neighborhood? I have to admit that I’m still learning much about what’s happening in my community but that’s what brought me to starting this site. It’s not easy to stay in touch when you’re super busy and just trying to stay on top of work and family matters can eat up a ton of time!

Today in my morning research I came across The 49th Wards Green Corps group. Their site claims: This interactive site provides the residents of Chicago’s 49th Ward with a place to share ideas and resources for building a more livable and sustainable community. While we meet here virtually, we hope this will be a vehicle that will encourage you to meet in person with neighbors who share your interests. Sounds fantastic!

Apparently, you need to sign up to have access to most of the info on the site, but check it out and you might be inspired to start your own group.


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Posted on: July 14th, 2012 by Gette

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