Earth Day and the March for Science

Saturday is Earth Day and there is A LOT going on this weekend! Since I’m a self-proclaimed homebody it’s going to be a bit challenging to get to all the places I want to go or need to be but, there’s no way we’re going to miss the March for Science—we are very excited to see Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop give the keynote speech!—and we are hoping to catch some of the exhibits afterward. The March and Exhibits will go until 3, but we’ll need to cut it short because my husband, Magas, will be doing a live in-store at Reckless Records (the Milwaukee Avenue location) for Record Store Day at 3 pm. Immediately following that I have to chauffeur my daughter off to a birthday party and by then I’ll probably be pretty wiped out, but you might be interested in attending the Garfield Park Conservatory’s- Not A Hoax- Earth Day party to raise awareness for climate change.

If you’re not into large crowds or loud music but are still trying to figure out ways to take part in some of the Earth Day events happening around the Chicago area you should check your local park or library to see if they have any events. You can also check out to find plenty of volunteer opportunities to help clean up parks or neighborhoods around the city.

That’s not all…there are 2 free film screenings as well that you might be interested in. On Saturday the City of Chicago is showing The City Dark at a handful of museums and parks. This film explores how city sprawl and the light it brings has an effect on our perspective and place in the universe and features interviews with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ann Druyan. Then on Sunday, there’s a panel discussion/screening of two short in-progress films by 2 dear friends of mine. Laurie Little has been working on a film about the Chicago Women’s March and Carron Little (not related to Laurie) is working on a film about a group of Chicago women, Women Mobilized for Change, that worked in the 60’s/70’s to help advocate for women’s rights. Their screening is part of CIMMfest’s Spring Fling Thing:  three day, one-ring circus of MUSIC! MOVIES! MAYHEM & MORE!

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by Gette

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