My Secret Garden Dreams

The Backyard
Hey, this weekend is the Green Built Homes Tour. I’m kinda feeling like I’d still might try to make it but considering that I didn’t go to the Sustainable Backyards program last weekend (though I really wanted to!!) I don’t know what my chances would be for this. I have a busy weekend anyway. I’m meeting with a contractor friend to discuss future ideas for the home and I’m going to a play on Sunday. Very excited about the play, Simpatico. A Sam Shepard play by A Red Orchid Theater. I went through a big Sam Shepard phase when I was younger and READ a bunch of his work but I’ve never actually seen one of his plays performed.

There’s also the 45th Annual Sheffield Garden Walk & Music Festival which I was hoping to drag the hubby to. But the plans for the play happened and that was too much for him to deal with (what with the heat and all). I understand but I do think he needs to get out there and see what others are doing with their yards. It’s so inspiring!

I was pretty bummed when I realized I missed the Sustainable Backyards thing last weekend, but later that day I got a call from a friend to go on a garden walk in Bowmanville. I rushed over to meet her and I’m so glad I did! There were only a couple of hours left and it was a one day event. I got to see a handful of yards but it was enough to get me really excited to start working on our yard.

After we closed on the house one of the 1st projects we began to work on was the backyard. It was terribly overgrown and needed a lot of attention. We have a 20 foot deck that takes up a lot of space and the remaining space…the space where our daughter and dog might be able to play…was taken up by over growth. I’m pretty sure these images were taken after hubby’s first attack.

If you look closely you can see how it looks like no one’s touched these plants for a while. It was truly a jungle back there and still when I look out my kitchen window it feels like I’m in the country side, which I really like, but I know there’s a tree out there that needs to come down.

Backyard along the fence
I really want to do some work on this fence area. I’m not sure what most of this is. However, towards the back of the yard I discovered several hibiscus plants that I was happy to find. Also, in the patch that’s next to the garage there is a treasure trove of plant life (rose bushes, hostas, phlox, more hibiscus) but it’s mostly hidden amongst a ton of weeds. My plan is to try to replant as much as possible while opening up that patch to other options…like maybe a raised veggie garden? I’m not totally sure just yet.

The 1st of many giant piles of foliage
This image is the 1st attack. We have since removed about 5 more piles some of them twice this size!

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Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by Gette

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