Saturday at the Park District

The Honorable Al Gore was in Chicago last night to discuss his new book, The Future. Sadly, it was impossible for me to make it to that and I was feeling a little bummed but we had such a fantastically busy day today that I’m well over it.

We went to 2 separate Chicago Park District events. The 1st event was Garden Buddies at Kilbourn Park. I had originally signed up for this thinking it was an ongoing class but after I paid for it (all through the online CPD website) I realized it was just a one day event which was a bit of a bummer because Stella loves gardening and would love to take a class (since I’m pretty hopeless with plants).

Kilbourn Park is somewhat known for it’s garden center and for organic gardening, at least that’s how I know of it. I had never been there so Stella and I were both excited to check it out. This event was geared towards children between 2-8. They had various craft/info tables set up around the gymnasium and we could wonder around, as we liked. They also had a giant tiger bouncy house. Good times. Stella got a nice coloring book that has charts of a flower, a bee, a bean, etc. She got to plant some radish seeds that will be nice sprouts to add to a salad, we learned a little about bee keeping and they also had info and crafts about composting and worms.

2013-02-09 10.02.11

2013-02-09 10.04.02

2013-02-09 10.47.19

2013-02-09 10.33.17

As we were looking at the worm project a woman approached us and asked if we’d been to the greenhouse. We hadn’t so she escorted us over to do a few more crafts and check it out. We talked to some lovely ladies about the various programs the park offered. Sadly, it didn’t seem like they had a good beginning gardening class for Stella’s age group, but they said she was welcome to come by on Saturdays in the spring/summer to help out and learn informally. We were excited about that but it would be great if they offered something on a regular bases for kids on the weekend. They have a pretty big outdoor garden that we would love to see in the springtime.

2013-02-09 11.00.03

2013-02-09 11.11.36

2013-02-09 11.12.45

Our next stop was Garfield Park Conservatory. GPC is such a great place to spend a cold winters day! If you’ve never been I highly recommend it. It’s like visiting a rain forest. They were celebrating the Chinese New Year, which Stella and I love to celebrate. Usually, we go to the parade in Chinatown but we have other commitments this year so I was happy to find out about this event.

They offered a scavenger hunt where your goal was to find a small list of plants throughout the conservatory. It’s a great way to get us to really pay attention to the various plants. As we wondered around looking we came across a snake petting area and Stella got to hold a snake! They offered a few other crafts like building a dragon puppet from paper towel rolls and then when the real Chinese dragon came out we got to follow him around with our puppet.

2013-02-09 12.44.10

2013-02-09 12.52.52

2013-02-09 13.34.18

2013-02-09 13.30.53

2013-02-09 13.08.34

2013-02-09 13.02.11

2013-02-09 14.08.06

2013-02-09 13.52.37

That was a lot of crafting and a ton of learning. We’re both exhausted but in such a good way. I guess everyone is getting excited that spring is around the corner (it is, right?) so this month seems filled to the brim with lots of amazing events that we can’t possibly get to but it sure is nice knowing there’s so much going on out there. I also got inspired to try growing some herbs and veggies this year, which I had pretty much given up on. I truly don’t have a green thumb no matter how much I wish I did. I do think Stella has potential which makes me feel like I should keep trying if for no other reason than to encourage and help her learn where I have failed.

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