Some things I found interesting this week…

A small portion of the boxes we moved to our new place.

There are a couple of food issues that are important to address:

‘In short, “you have given power to the industry to completely self-regulate.” That should “scare the pants off” consumers concerned about where their food comes from. ‘ from Mother Jones

Last week in India 21 school children died from eating a free lunch that had somehow become poisoned with high levels of pesticides. Here’s a powerful BBC interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva who says we need to re-imagine the food system.

This article on clutter lead me to this article on Treehugger founder Graham Hill who apparently downsized to a 420-square-foot studio after living large for a while.

And I loved this interview with Democracy Now! co-founder Amy Goodman because it talked about her childhood and the very roots of how she became the amazing person she is today. The Lab Magazine site seems to be down but I’m leaving this link up in case it comes back online.

And if those are to heavy for you here’s a tutorial by Abigail Ahern, to turn a plain old roller blind into something a little more impressive.

Posted on: July 23rd, 2013 by Gette

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