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On Mother’s Day we tried to go to Chicago Vegan Test Kitchen’s event at Emporium, but by the time we got there most stuff was sold out so we decided to go to Handlebar instead. Handlebar is a bar/restaurant that’s been around for about 15 years in Wicker Park and I’ve gone once or twice over the years but at those times I wasn’t a vegan so I didn’t give it much thought. It seemed like a nice place with a nice patio where you could hang out with friends, have a beer and get some decent food. They have a very unassuming vegan vibe and by that, I mean that if you aren’t concerned about your food options you might not notice the mostly vegan/vegetarian options they have available.

Now that I’m a vegan I’d been waiting for an opportunity to go back so I was pretty excited about it.  I couldn’t wait to sample their offerings as a full-fledged vegan. My daughter wanted the Chili cheese fries and I wanted to share them with her so we ordered those, and for her main dish she opted for the macaroni and cheese (not vegan) and I ordered a sloppy joe sandwich for myself. Hubby got a bowl of Ground Nut Stew. The cheese fries were so good, I would’ve been fine just eating those but the sloppy joe really hit the spot for me and I gobbled it down so fast I almost forgot to take a photo of it. I think it’s safe to say we were all very satisfied with our meals and there weren’t any leftovers. Unfortunately, we were too full to order dessert which is my one regret because they are one of the few places that offer cakes from Pie, Pie My Darling. I haven’t tried her cakes yet, but I follow her on Instagram and drool.

The staff was really nice and the atmosphere was laid back. They offer fair trade coffee, a full bar and they source their produce from local farms. They also deliver!

Check out their website for more info.

Posted on: July 16th, 2018 by Gette

Chicago Company Pushes Biodegradable Plastic Bags

I’m no fan of plastic, when there’s a giant island of it floating in the pacific ocean. Who would be? We have yet to come up with an effective way of getting rid of the stuff and as a result it ends up clogging waterways, floating through the air like some strange alien creature and nesting unpleasantly in trees. And they cost taxpayers millions in environmental cleanup. I’m all for getting rid of the things completely, since it takes at least 100 years for them to break down.

I was excited to learn that a company in Chicago, The Plastic Bag Solution, has begun distributing a biodegradable plastic bag. The bags are made from natural materials such as corn and sugar and don’t contain any petroleum as plastic bags do. They also have a great website that offers facts and videos about plastic bags and includes some handy resources for finding ways to compost and recycle.

Alderman Moreno of the 1st Ward and 4 other Aldermen are giving the company a boost by handing out the environmentally friendly bags in their wards or you can head over to the Green Grocer if you’re interested in trying out one these bags.

Alderman Moreno is also an outspoken voice for the banning of plastic bags in Chicago. There is still time to help him with this cause by signing the VETO Illinois SB 3442 petition. Illinois SB 3442 is an act that would forbid the banning of or allowing a fee for plastic bags in Illinois. Apparently this act is in response to 12 year old Abby Goldberg’s campaign to get plastic bags banned in her town of Grayslake, IL. Just goes to show you how far the plastic industry will go–bullying a 12 year old!

Here is a shocking fact from The Plastic Bag Solution’s site: 1.37 million plastic bags were removed from coastal areas worldwide in one day last year.

Another petition of interest:
Ban Plastic Bags

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by Gette

NewLeaf Grocery

Tucked away behind the Loyola stop on the red line New Leaf Natural Grocery is a gem of a corner store. It’s a tiny space that’s packed with organic goodness. They carry many brands that you would find in bigger grocers (Annies for example), grass-fed, antibiotic free, free range meats and dairy and they also have a small selection of bulk items for things like rice, flour, nuts and coffee. You can get local fresh veggies from their produce section or sign up for a very affordable local veggie box for home delivery. They also offer 10% case discounts on grocery and produce items.

Posted on: September 6th, 2011 by Gette