profileHi, I’m Gette. I’ve been a sustainable living enthusiast for years and I started this blog as a way to easily find information that I gather from searching online and off.

I live in Chicago with my husband, daughter, 2 cats (which we rescued when my neighbor took in a pregnant feral mama) and one crazy dog (which we rescued from the shelter). We live in a small home that’s under 1000 sq ft. In a previous life, I was a soapmaker and once upon a time we had a tiny store called Weekend Records and Soap.

I’m pretty passionate about trying to live a sustainable life within my means. A little over a year ago I went vegan and I couldn’t be happier. Being vegan is an incredible way to lessen your impact on the environment, to show compassion and love to all living beings and a side benefit is that it keeps you healthy! That being said, I encourage you to take whatever road you need to to help decrease your impact on our planet. I’m going to keep posting stuff that I hope will help you. For me eating humanely raised meat and dairy was a stepping stone to becoming vegan, but at some point, I could no longer stomach the fact that people were supposedly giving animals their best life only to lead them to slaughter.

Though I started this site long ago, I’ve rarely had to time to update it. I’m trying to update it more now, even though I’m working a full-time job. I hope you find something useful here!