Eco & the Flamingo – a zero-waste general store

Finally! Chicago finally has a zero-waste store! I’d given up hope for such a thing ever happening, but Eco & the Flamingo nonchalantly opened in the Lincoln Square neighborhood…during the pandemic!

Have you been looking for ways to reduce your waste, use less plastic, buy plastic-free and cruelty-free body care products? Then this is the one-stop-shop you’ve been looking for!

The shop is on the quiet side street of Rockwell, off of Montrose in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. You’re not sure it’s there until you see the poster of the Flamingo in the window, every time I’ve been there the sun is reflecting harshly off the windows.

Rows of bulk bins filled with pasta, beans, rice and dried goods.

It’s a fairly small space, but they have a lot to offer. The walls are lined with bulk bins filled with pasta, beans, dried fruit, coffee, spices, etc. They have zero-waste and cruelty-free body care and the center of the store has a table for all your bulk, liquid, refillable housekeeping needs, including dishwasher cubes that you can buy per cube.

Bulk and refillable liquid soaps and hand sanitizers.

You can kiss your plastic kitchen scrubbers goodbye because they have the wooden sustainable replacements that you’ve been waiting for. Looking for a bamboo toothbrush or vegan floss? You will find it all here!

Sustainable brushes and scrubbers and Turkish towels.

I picked up some paper towel alternatives, made from absorbable cloth, you can just rinse them in the sink or toss them in the wash after use. It’s a small but effective way to reduce waste in the kitchen. I’ve gone back for more after buying my first roll. I love them because it reduces the need for unnecessarily wasting paper and eliminates the plastic that they wrap paper towels with.

Washable Paper Towels / Napkins

As a person who has never been one to order online unless it’s the absolute only way to get a product, I’m beyond thrilled that Eco and the Flamingo has opened in Chicago. Just a few years ago I was excited to visit Package Free in New York City, after years of being an advocate for a sustainable lifestyle. It was the first time I’d stepped foot into a zero-waste store. It took a few more years for Chicago to get a bonafide resource, but it’s finally here.

Remember, one of the best ways to reduce waste and create a sustainable economy is by shopping locally. Check out Eco and the Flamingo’s website for all their zero-waste, sustainable, bulk buying options, but if you live in Chicago (or are visiting) be sure to stop in to make your purchases.

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