Garbanzo bean salad sandwich

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A while ago I tried making a garbanzo bean salad from a recipe I found online, I wasn’t a fan and didn’t try again until recently. People like to swap the beans out for tuna, but it’s really such a different texture that I’m hesitant with going so far as to say it’s a viable substitute, this is its own thing! As you might know, garbanzo beans have a nutty texture, but their flavor in this recipe isn’t too strong. When mashed up a bit they are actually excellent on a sandwich.

This is such a great, budget-friendly lunch idea! I can get a can of beans for about a dollar and I can get about 3 sandwiches from this recipe. No fancy ingredients needed! Of course, it’s better to buy dried beans when possible, but I have to shamefully admit that I’m just not good at meal planning and I tend to let my food whims rule me.

To make the sandwich I highly recommend using homemade bread, this no-knead recipe from is easy enough. I recently bought this Lodge cast-iron dutch oven from Target for the sole reason of making bread, at $40 I figured I’d make that back pretty quickly by not buying plastic-wrapped bread from a store.

Posted on: March 29th, 2020 by Gette

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