Links of Interest for the Week

Photo by Brett VA

I guess I’ve been too busy pulling staples out of my floor to keep up on what’s happening around the world this week. Here are few postings that did manage to get my attention.

Ever wonder what “No antibiotics” or “Grass Fed” mean when you see them on food labels? Well, according to this list provided by the Natural Resources Defense Council they don’t mean much! They also provide label definitions for Personal Care, Wood and Paper, Cleaning, Paint, Tourism and Clothing! You can download the list to your iPhone but they don’t seem to have an android app.

As a mother I tend to love talking to other parents about child rearing! I also love learning about life in other countries. Cup of Jo has a great series about Motherhood around the world, you should check it out if you’re fascinated by this sort of thing too.

I was also fascinated by this series of articles about parking. Here’s a quote from the intro “Parking rules are a surprisingly potent hidden force shaping—or misshaping—our communities.” So true!

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Posted on: July 31st, 2013 by Gette

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