Liquid soap and refillable soap dispenser

A refillable soap dispenser is a great zero-waste, minimal impact, eco-friendly choice! When you have kids things get very messy, very fast. Our soap bars were turning to mush and I was getting tired of cleaning up the thing that was supposed to be keeping us clean. Plus, as my daughter grew older she was becoming a bit of a germaphobe so I needed to do something to ease her anxiety.

Liquid soap is a great multipurpose purchase. It can be used in the bath, for laundry and for housecleaning.

It greatly reduces the amount of plastic I bring into my home. I no longer need to buy jugs of laundry detergent or bottles of random cleaning products.

Less mess, which means less time cleaning and less water used. Being a full-time working parent I would tend to clean once a week, it’s amazing how yucky a bar of soap next to the sink can get when it’s not carefully dealt with consistently.

Posted on: March 2nd, 2020 by Gette

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