Milwaukee is an easy 1.5-hour drive from Chicago. It’s a perfect little day trip and it has some truly nice offerings and a lovely laid back feel. Since my daughter’s friend moved there, we’ve gone a handful of times, and each time we find fresh places to enjoy. Their lakefront is delightful, with a pleasant beach area that’s wasn’t too crowded when we were there. Along the downtown area of the lakeshore, they have the Milwaukee Art Museum and Disovery World, which is a great area to walk around admiring the views. Lots of interesting photo opportunities there.

Of course, my main MO when visiting a city is to see what kind of vegan options are available and Milwaukee did not disappoint!

One the Bus

This is a small stand inside of the Milwaukee Public Market and it was absolutely bustling on the day we were there. It features a classic VW bus cut up and used as the counter. We had the Avocado toast and the vegan Reuben sandwich. Both were delicious. I guess I haven’t met a vegan Reuben I haven’t liked.

Café Corazón

This restaurant is conviently located a few blocks from a friends home. It’s a Mexican farm to table restaurant/bar that has vegan options. There was a bit of a wait for a table so the kids went off to play in what looked like the woods, while the adults chatted. When we finally sat down, I ordered the vegan enchiladas with sauteed vegetables and it was very delicious. I was so hungry I scarfed it down without taking pictures. I guess I was a bit distracted by catching up with friends because I neglected to take any decent photos of the restaurant or the food.

Urban Beets Cafe

This is a colorful cafe that has a very laid back vibe compared to the other 2 places we’ve tried, perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast/brunch before getting on the road back to Chicago.

I ordered the Free Bird breakfast sandwich and was blown away by the chickpea frittata layered between an English muffin. It was so simple and just so delicious. It was nice to have a lite breakfast sandwich, instead of something heavy and greasy. We also tried their smoothies and teas. The Free Bird sandwich changed my life because it introduced me to chickpea flour which I’m now obsessed with.

Posted on: April 29th, 2019 by Gette

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